mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Richard George Owes Me $150(Can)

There are no Japanese Kenshin tapes to be had in the rental shops of Toronto. There aren't even Chinese pirates unless you order them. So I went to The Beguiling (situated dangerously close to my house) to price individual import DVDs. They were out of Kyoto arc eps, naturally. But they did have the boxed set. And as I hesitated, calculating that I could view the whole arc for a mere $25 at zip.ca, there came to me the hideous tones of the dub Hiko talking about the Ahmah-KAkeROO-ri-yoo(hoo)-No-Hirameki. I can almost live with Ki-o-to, though it still makes my skin crawl. But one damned riyoo-sen after another has broken my spirit. (Insult to injury, it's the dragon ryuu.) I bought the bloody set. Somebody owes me, is what I say.
Tags: anime, rl_05

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