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The flow bites me again. I put on my DVDs of 大汉天子/ Prince of the Han Dynasty to see how my Chinese is doing, intending to ff through the part I'd seen. But stop to watch the opening sequence of the aged Han Wudi reminiscing about the cronies of his youth-- him and him and him and *especially* Uncle Ming playing WTF Dongfang Shuo/ 东方朔???

Last seen a week ago, should you be wondering what's WTFery about it, in vol3 of Youmi Yawa, where somebody called the 画仙 (picture immortal) talks about 'when the Great Western Mother visits me and Dongfang Shuo.' This doesn't help in identifying who the 画仙 is at all; but there's also an obscure comment from Dragon Gem about him (or maybe someone else: my copy is in the mail) stealing the Great Mother's peaches, and that I discover, *is* Dongfan:

"One famous Daoist story invented about him was that he stole the immortality peaches of the Queen Mother of the West"

Not once but three times, evidently. (Plus go configurations.)

Later in the manga the Emperor asks the 画仙 if he's given the Emperor's love letter to the Great Western Mother, which sorts with the legend that Dongfang lived near her place as a kid, and 'had once held the position of the Immortal Official of Mount Taishan as a grown-up, and was demoted to an official of the Emperor Wu for delay in work while intoxicated.' There's also a story that the GWM visited Han Wu Di at one point-- meaning that the unlikable Emperor of YHY is none other than Han Wu Di. And the Picture Immortal? One waits to find out.
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