mjj (flemmings) wrote,

What, in our house?

I know Canadians have a reputation for polite low-key inoffensiveness, but I think it's one of those statistical distributive things I don't really have a handle on. You know, like the one where intelligence in one group tends to split between absolutely utter genius and slightly duller than normal, while the other group occupies the python's bulge in the middle of the graph? Yes, well. Doubtless the mass of Canucks are polite and low-key, but I observe too often that if someone is being an infuriating smite-worthy fandom ninny all over lj, when I go to her user info there she is occupying space above the 49th parallel. Much too often, in Toronto. As in Japan, where the people who made me swear on a day to day basis were usually Americans, but the two most obnoxious gaijin specimen I had to deal with came from fair TO. And not even the 'burbs: from those bastions of privilege, Rosedale and Forest Hill.

Which probably goes to prove that the rest of the country is right, and Toronto is not Canada.
Tags: fandom, wank

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