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The things we do for love

Abandoned fandoms may be the best after all, now there's no such thing as an undiscovered one. The local video store had some Kenshin DVDs so I watched a couple last weekend- the first two OVAs (western packaging is immensely uninformative about just what you're getting) and several eps from first season. The artwork is better than good and anyway, you know, Kenshin. An institution. (I know, so is Gundam an institution and you don't see me watching any of it. I am large, I contain multitudes.)

So I took them back on Sunday and went to see what else they might have in the series. The smallish anime section was being blocked by three large young and talkative otaku of various sexes who needed to comment on every cover they pulled out, which was trying; but said otaku also revealed that the unlabelled drawers below the counter held the VHS selection. So I scuse-me'd and grabbed the Rurou section to peruse elsewhere.

They had almost all of the Kyoto arc but only 1 and 3 were in Japanese, so I took those. Wretched wretched mistake, as Elizabeth Bennet said. I want to see the rest. So. I am watching dubbed Kenshin, and bleeding because I *know* it sounds better in Japanese. If I make myself forget Suzukaze Mayo's voice I can almost live with the American VA except for his utterly uninflected delivery of 'that it is.' But I hurt at not hearing Ikeda Shuuichi as Hiko. And I've just had to take a break after discovering that in America the character is called Cow-roo.

Otherwise it's kind of natsukashii in its Memories of '99 fashion: back in the days when Fearless Leader was sending me stacks of Saitoh x Aoshi djs to translate. I've seen little of Aoshi (remember I skipped eps 6-9 of the Kyoto arc) but what there is suggests that he's terribly wet, not to say water-logged. If there's a logic to the attraction I'm not getting it. Saitoh gets on my nerves by being so clearly labelled 'Kakkou Ii- please swoon now' but even that one can live with. So. I persevere. Back to those cookie-cutter female VAs; does anyone know why they all sound alike?
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