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October reading stats


The Last Camel Died at Noon
Snake, Crocodile, Dog
The Hippopotamus Pool
Seeing a Large Cat
The Deeds of the Disturber

-which is quite enough Amelia Peabody for the moment. Did manage to pass the Bechdel test, just. It's always Amelia giving feminist advice so the subject is still Men but at a distance. *Kind* of manages the Johnson, since David gets to talk archaeology with his grandfather.

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
-the best of the pastiche stories

The West End Horror
-and the pastiche novel

Fails Bechdel and Johnson both, but one wouldn't expect them to pass. At least The West End Horror contains a character of colour, which is something.


Komahoshi 12
--plotty plots and Our Hero In Danger again. Passes Johnson of course and, oddly, Bechdel as well, but is still all about the beauty of male friendship

Hana no Koe, Sumeragi Natsuki
-- three China-set stories and one Warring States Japanese. Involves shape-shifters of one kind or another, and flower spirits and heavenly maidens and white snakes. Beautiful art, lovely research, several trad dork!Chinese males of the kickable variety (a beautiful maiden appears; obviously she must be intended for me) who get their come-uppance in a way I don't recall them doing in the novels I've read. Not sufficiently for my tastes in some cases, but there's no arguing with genre. Johnson yes-of-course; Bechdel not at all.

Ryuu-oh no Hanayome (Bride of the Dragon King)
Tetsu to Kohaku no Hime-gimi (The Iron and Amber Princess)

--vols 3&4 of the fantasy novel series. Both titles rather misleading since the action lies elsewhere-ish. Am champing at the bit to finish this, which surprises me. Rattling good story can compensate for excessive use of epithets, evidently. Passes Bechdel, for once; passes Johnson on a technicality (see last month.) Does an oddly good job of demonstrating extreme attachment between two males that really will not lead to sex because really these charas are sexually straight. It's just that sex doesn't trump OMG everything else; sex and devotion exist quite happily side by side but in totally different places. Female character is quite reasonably jealous of the male friend her pash is devoted to; male friend quite reasonably can't see what she's talking about. Nobody involved doth protest too much, to my ears, but that might be language scrim at work.
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