mjj (flemmings) wrote,

One of these days I'll restart my reading of Three Kingdoms, possibly aided by this site ('ware ads) that I can't tell is it a RP 3K game or is it treating the 3K characters *as if* they were part of a RPG.

This because I, currently very porridgey in the brain, first read the lj entry about writing POC for Yuletide and saw that Red Cliff has made the YT cut; and then read an entry observing that feminine utopias are somehow always peaceful and one-with-nature, which prompted rushthatspeaks to observe "the old perception of women states very firmly that you can't be a mother and a warrior, a mother and a scientist." Porridge brain then presented me with a female Zhao Zilong fighting with a lance in one hand and a baby in the other. Which I like enough to start considering gender-bender AU 3K. This requires either finishing 3K or seeing Red Cliff somehow or possibly reading what there is of Ravages of Time in Japanese, which may not go nearly far enough. Cannot think which would be the least painful of these.

(OTOH there's a female general in the current Sumeragi Natsuki. And I wonder are there any female generals in Yue opera, or are they all delicate scholars? Shall find out next week.)
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