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1. Ahh, soup of Galicia! How I love you! How nutritious and delicious and irresistible you are, and all because of a $1.39 prosciutto end and one cube from a 99 cent pack of chicken bouillon. Alas, that there can never be a kosher/ halal/ vegetarian Caldo Gallego that tastes the same.

2. Not that I ever hung out much on Geocities, but the comments there take me back a decade and more. "56k??? In MY day we had 9600 baud AND WE WERE GRATEFUL FOR IT LET ME TELL YOU." I think it was '99 that I went to 144. Oh, and I remember the little dialup sounds too. And the failures to connect and the time outs and the slowness that meant I read lj comments before seeing the user pics. Good times, good times.

On the down side, no more Hamster Dance.

3. Shall be in NY in a week. Therefore must read those China-set Sumeragi Natsuki manga paleaswater lent me err four years ago was it? I am reading those Sumeragi Natsuki manga with no discernible pain. What a difference a very little Chinese study makes. Shall reread Kou Josei next and see how that goes.

4. My other cheapo food discovery (well, 'ganked from the replacement cook who fortuitously came back early from a stint in LRD just in time to take over when the regular cook went on a fortnight's medical leave') is Iranian lentils and rice. Made it with lamb and without. Without is better. (I don't use saffron- loathe the stuff. And little turmeric for the same reason. Nonetheless this site is very useful.) The other Iranian staff told me not to put the raisins etc in to cook but to sprinkle it on after. She was right.

There's also a Persian lima beans and dill recipe I must try.

5. And the downside to that, said the Red Queen, is OMG dishes. Never have I wanted a dishwasher more.

6. Another blast from the past. Indeed, indeed- 'I was a little appalled when I realized just how many years ago 1993 was.' Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive but dear God a child born when I was first getting into Papuwa fandom is now in high school; and a child born when I was first getting into Saiyuuki is now prepubescent.

"I sit alone sad at my whitening hair
Waiting for ten o'clock in my empty house"

When I have leisure I shall find the exact text of that poem of Wang Wei's, because I do wonder what ten o'clock is in Tang hanzi.
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