mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Why the To Read bookcase never gets any emptier

Oh look. I *do* have a copy of Vol 3 of The Soul of the Dragon King. It was down in the front room all along, while I waded through 40 pages of vol 4 wondering Who are these people anyway?, convinced that 3 was the volume I failed to find back in '96.

Of course, now I have to *read* it. Oh well.

Equally, it's fine to be lavish and pound foolish and to buy five volumes of the English translation of FMA in a single fell swoop. (Must look up 'fell swoop' and find what it refers to. Birds, I bet. And yes, birds it is. Also Macbeth, a play I've never got far with because it has, well, too many famous quotes that get in the way.)

But of course, now I have to *read* them. Oh well.
Tags: fma, manga_09, reading_09

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