mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Looking at various graphic novels reminds me why I can only read manga. From Sandman to Girl Genius to Marvel Comics, my god do these guys love a) their full-saturated colours and b) their panels chock-full of detail. It's like every work is modelled on Where's Wally? So much detail to distract the eye, so much busyness to confound the senses, so much insistence (to my reading) that the viewer get sufficient bang for her buck. White space? No one'll pay us for no white space. (To say nothing of those wordy and oppressive speech balloons filing up any space left.)

Even mangaka who luuurve their ink, like Yuki Kaori, love their black and shades of grey ink. That I can live with. Time was when I couldn't parse Japanese manga-- too floaty, too boundaryless. Now I can't parse English graphic novels-- too full, too busy.
Tags: art, manga

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