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I had a long post about why I don't support the Lambda decision and my annoyance at the way the debate is going, if I may dignify it with that name. I don't appreciate self-identifed straight people lambasting self-identified gay bloggers for failing to bow meekly to the Lambda overlords. (Not you, N; f_w denizens and so on.) I consider this, oddly, an unwarranted invasion of our territory; but I seem to be the only one who sees any irony in the situation at all.

So instead I'll just mention Natalie Barney. I'm happy to see that someone else thinks more people should emulate the France of a hundred odd years ago.
Am I the only ancient dyke in town who yearns for those far-off treacherous shores of love? I look with sorrow at the audience at the k.d. lang concert and pine for the Belle Époque. It’s not that I mind my sisters looking like men: far from it. It’s the sort of men they emulate. Boring ones who wash their cars on Saturdays, get a number four from the barber on the corner, and buy their wives Valentine gifts from the Argos catalogue.
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