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In which I am large and contain multitudes

On Wednesday I wrote "Amelia Peabody and I are not long for each other's acquaintance." On Thursday I went to Eliot's Books and bought four more volumes in the series.

I blame Pratchett for this. I read him last year after the op; and now recuperative periods, even if they aren't *actually* recuperative, require an easy series of English language books to distract me from the lack of small people. (Easy series of Japanese books require coffee shops and the ingestion of bakery items which I cannot afford in any sense of the word. Alas.)

Thus, Amelia Peabody.

I went first to the local libraries, and in the second of same I found a catalogue for Continuing Studies, that I was randomly looking for three weeks ago. There's an online course in Translating Japanese, that requires Japanese 4 as a pre-req. Japanese 4 isn't offered in the fall, and I might not need it, but the reqs for 'Intro to the Theory of Translating' says something silly about 'near-native proficiency in both English and Japanese reading and writing.' No way am I near-native proficient (and no way, I bet, is anyone with fourth year Japanese, not if they're still teaching it the way they used to.) But I fancy taking one or the other course in the winter, which would suggest the need for some definite power reading between now and then.

(Though seriously. $700 for an online course in Continuing Ed? Strikes me as ridiculous.)
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