mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wednesday grump

1. 'September 21 2009: high 23.3, low 20.'

WTF Toronto. You are not Tokyo. Not even close.

2. After a summer of aggressive wasps, an autumn of aggressive squirrels. The wasps came in through the interstices of the window fan in the study. The squirrels keep trying to come in through the eight inch opening now the fan is gone. Given the weather we're having (see above) I feel like putting the fan back in, but have settled for the little sliding screen I picked up off someone's lawn last July. Of course, if the squirrels try to climb that there's a nice large opening at the top for them. I hope they don't try to climb it

We've been warned to expect a winter of aggressive rats. Oh joy. OTOH maybe the rats will eat the mice.

3. Amelia Peabody and I are not long for each other's acquaintance. If there's a more irritating character than Ramses out there, I have not met him.

4. Never stop working. As with vacations, your body will take the cessation of stress as a signal to fall apart. Unless you adopt the clever subterfuge of ohh, I dunno, being cut open with knives instead. You still fall apart, but you can't tell it's happening with all the other owies going on.

I feel quite wonderful after physio for about an hour and then I feel wretched. Little desolate puddle of hysterical muscles and palest wanhope. This is odd, because I pretty much stopped crying about anything once the hormones left. It's annoying; if you can't cry to flush out the physical after-effects of stress, you have to drink buckets of water instead, and water doesn't give the instant relief. Was wondering why I'd become so sodden all of a sudden. Then I remembered an incident in Japan.

My roommates had somehow got in contact with a shiatsu practitioner who used to be Nelson Mandela's personal shiatsuist. But to cover her fee for a house visit they needed three people to have a treatment, so I reluctantly agreed to be the third. Shiatsu usually hurts, but this woman didn't hurt at all. Press here, press there, no problem.

Except that I was a wreck when she was done. Weep weep sob sob the sorrows of the world. And I had to go to a small wedding reception afterwards and be all merry happy. And keep a straight face on the train, which was even harder. Didn't manage it, because some high school boy kicked me as I was standing on the train. Deliberately and angrily, as he was leaving, which is not, you know, something high school boys ever did at any other time. Clearly he didn't care for the vibes I was sending out, and I was sorry but ohhh the woes of the world are mine.

Anyone who thinks you don't hold emotions in your body is advised to go look up Nelson Mandela's shiatsu therapist and get a treatment. That'll show them.
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