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It is, as someone else said, 'Talk like a Jewish Pirate Day.' Err... lessee. 'Aaarhh me hearties, L'Shanah Tovah t'ye all! Aarrh, and a happy birthday to nojojojo as well!'

Yes, well, moving right along here.

My FFL is a source of inspiration. There's an Eid fic community for fanfic about Muslim characters. In my current light-headed state (involuntary fasting puts you in a strange place, truly) I think, maybe I could write a drabble about Zhang He, maybe?

And someone else has the kind of dream we'd take a trip on the Dawn Treader to make true.

Dreamt that there was a new kind of Chex, like Wheat Chex but *hardcore* Wheat Chex--robust and crunchy and the box was black.

One of the listed ingredients was "revenge."

A dish best served cold, with milk.
Tags: dreams, fandom, humour, language, rl_09, writing

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