mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The ides of September sort of

September is pulling a classical classy act this year. It's the essence of all those Septembers half-noted in passing and later vaguely recalled as, say, a warm afternoon in the porch-bedroom on Madison hacking my way through the Prometheus Bound. For reference's sake I shall note September's non-calendar calendar:

The last days of the CNE, with roaring planes over the long weekend, but no distant boom of fireworks anymore because in my old age I go to bed before the fireworks are set off.

Cicadas, not as loud as Japan's, but still, there.

The U of T's orientation week. Plus ca change (half the engineers these days are not white and a good quarter at least are not male) plus c'est la meme chose (they're still loud, armed with bullhorns, and inclined to stop traffic arbitrarily as several hundred of them cross the street at once.)

The drying chestnut leaves that fall, brown and brittle, about the time that the first conkers do.

The film festival, no longer The Festival of Festivals, but still an occasion for much silliness in the newspapers' Fashion sections. Also an unnecessary number of limos. When I say this year has been like California (sun and warm every day) you needn't take me *that* literally.

Somewhere in here, the mid-autumn festival and mooncakes.

Somewhere in here, the High Holidays.

Street festivals and neighbourhood garage sales. Cabbagetown's last weekend, also Delaware and Palmerston Gardens closer to home.

If I'm lucky, long warm afternoon and splendid clouds that recall the Freedom Now! long afternoon bicycle rides and splendid clouds of September, 1993. How I lived without a bicycle in Tokyo for over two years I'll never know.

Always a spate of September birthdays because nights are cold in January. My mother and aunt are no longer with us, but shall wish incandescens a happy birthday today, and i_am_zan, nojojojo, and the intrepid Piglet a happy birthday in the days to come.
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