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My current life is eerily reminiscent of post-op back five years ago. Walk two hours every morning (slowly, this time because my knees and feet hurt), eat small lunch, browse internets, read Japanese all afternoon, eat small dinner, browse internets, read some English, go to bed exhausted at ten. (I miss the 'write dragon story' part of that. I also miss the 'drop ten pounds in ten days' bit.) This regime is supposed to lose me weight, strengthen muscles, and increase reading speed. Can't see that it's doing any of those.

Why am I reading this silly fantasy anyway? Besides having a main character named 'ill' whose middle name is Et and who's looking for the reincarnaton of his BFF Mueller, it has a fortress called Rough Sea and an antagonist called Raguta whom I keep thinking of as Rakuda (ie camel); and another villain with a face like a fish, and an author who keeps telling me that he has a face like a fish. ('A sinister smile played across his fish-like face,' 'the pale blue eyes narrowed in the fish-like face', 'beneath the curling chestnut hair the fish-like face beamed with easy goodwill'.) I could be reading fanfic, and the fanfic would probably read better.

But oh hell. I'm reading it to have it read because it's been on the shelf for over a dozen years and it's easier than Twelve Kingdoms and ultimately a lot more fun. As in, it has an okama who was raised as a girl and who still wears nailpolish and mascara (or otherworld equivalents) though he won't be caught dead in a dress again except he might be caught dead if he doesn't act the female he officially is on the rolls etc etc. Alas, he has a thing for The Camel, and Young Brainless is properly masculinely disgusted at a guy who wears ewww girl cooties! make-up. (Need I say that Young Brainless is only too obviously Mueller reborn?)

But it's still taking much too long.
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