mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'How changed from the Hector of yore'

Went to Chinatown Centre after buying mooncakes on Spadina.

The electronics shop is gone. Kikiwai is gone. My trusty bootleg store is gone. There are other bootleg stores around, even in CC itself, but I'm reluctant to try them after my experience with the last one ie half their DVDs do not in fact play on a region 1 or even a regionless. Shall wiat till I'm rich and can swell yesasia's coffers.

No one knows why Kikiwai closed but it seems to have moved to the northern-eastest burbs in Markham (where all the *good* Chinese restaurants are.) I can't mourn them: their prices were highway robbery even before they started stocking English translations only. But I had fond memories of the place from the early Saiyuki days nine years ago. Addio del pasato, and all that, again.

(This time bought the mooncakes with nuts rather than lotus-- slightly fewer calories per. They're vile. Lots less calories, in practice, because I can't even give them away. Nice box and bag though.)
Tags: china, music, rl_09

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