mjj (flemmings) wrote,

If it exists, there is fanfic of it

Via toft_froggy, and I quote:

"Lord Peter Wimsey/Sherlock Holmes crossover kidfic snippet by... Dorothy L Sayers. YES I KNOW. YES."

Context, as they say, has lots more where that came from.

The poundage above 200 pounds for some reason always translates to me as years. FTR I am currently in 2003. This is nice-- '03 was a good year for me, and I'm glad to have (fingers crossed) stopped living in the next decade. I would still like to get back to the glorious fannish year of 1(9)93 and since I *have* done it once this (real) decade, I shall try to do it again. The goal being, naturally, to return to the 60s. Such a nice decade, the 60s.
Tags: fandom, fic, health

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