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While it would be lovely if 2009 was the year that I lost 40 pounds or began to read Chinese without pain, it's not going to happen. However, I shall note three minor behaviour changes that have occurred quite spontaneously this year, and that may, in the long run, not be minor at all.

1. I began wearing the mouthguard that my dentist has been on at me to wear for... I think it *has* been ten years now. Went overnight, quite literally, from 'No no no I won't I can't breathe in it it gives me headaches' to 'yeah, no big deal.' If I knew how that happened I'd apply it to other areas of my life, but I don't.

2. I stopped using deodorant and, not coincidentally, stopped smelling of ancient sweat. I suspected this ever since the first seppuku cut uhhh tum operation five years ago when showering became such a big deal, involving swathing my middle in half a roll of saran wrap, that I could only do it every three or four days. I expected to be quite gamy; in fact the only time I had underarm odour was the day after I'd showered. This led me to dispense with the deodorant soap and start using a natural deodorant from the health food store. Still had frequent problems. Sometime this spring I just stopped using deodorant entirely and substituted the occasional splash of rubbing alcohol. Has been clear sailing ever since.

3. I began sleeping on one pillow instead of two or even three. The uses of pinched nerves: the usual height made my shoulder ache. I've always been convinced that I *must* have my head elevated because of those pesky sinuses. I don't. This is a great relief, because I *do* need a pillow under my knees, and another at my side for choice, and if you think any traveller's hotel in creation is going to give you four pillows, think again. It's also possible that I may no longer have to travel with a cervical pillow, which would be a godsend. Granted, I probably do have to travel with a thin terry sheet to roll up under my neck, but those take less space. (Granted also, I raised the head of my mattress, so maybe I still need two pillows after all. Even so.)

Not sure if this fourth one is going to take, but we'll see. For fifteen years now I've had soy shake for breakfast every morning, the only exceptions being when I'm away from home or the week preceding an operation (because my soy powder is fortified with all those vitamins they want you to stop taking before operations) and of course the ghastly twenty days I spent on the Death Doctor's Diet. Now, soy shake + milk is a marvellous breakfast for the morning-food-loathing/ delicately-stomached like myself; it guarantees a flash-free menopause and provides a third of the day's calcium and vitamin D, and, when properly constructed, comes in at only 250 calories. But once I get through customizing it to, yanno, make it actually drinkable, and in sufficient quantity to fill me up, it's a lot closer to 400 or more. (Fair trade chocolate powder will do this.) And it's expensive. The only kind that's semi-palatable and that doesn't cost $25-40 a container is the Loblaws house brand, and that's now only sold up the hill, and I'm tired of navigating the construction hell that is Bathurst and St Clair and the entitled drivers who live in the immediate environs thereof.

So now for breakfast I have someone's natural organic oat-something cereal, with a cup of milk and a dash of soy milk, and strawberries. So far it's OK, though what I'll do when the strawberries are over I can't think. Maybe come winter I'll be ready for eggs and ham (I can't do bacon any more, alas) or maybe I'll just get the one swith cranberries and raisins.

And it really is 250 calories max.
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