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I think I will not hang myself today, part the whatever

Thanks to jonquil on the FFL (whose entry you might want to look at if you don't have access to the NYT, and for background) we have a list of abbreviations from The Anglo-American Telegraphic Code of 1891. Commonly used telegraph phrases reduced to IIRC and IANAL, only not acronymic.

Hemstitch-- hindered by ill health
Phantastic-- physician gives very little hope
Emication-- the epidemic has broken out again
Mahogany-- malaria prevails extensively
Desertless-- denial is useless
Roselite-- resistance is useless
Valve-- all efforts are in vain
Crypt-- credit is exhausted

Well, maybe I *will* hang myself today.

This could get quite Goreyish:
Noted-- a notorious character
Abusage-- his absence is rather mysterious
Foretold-- abundant reason to be frightened
Acescet-- has met with a trifling accident
Hypozoic-- I am slightly hurt

Crisp-- can you recommend to me a good female cook?
Hub-- can you recommend to me a competent housemaid?
Amphimacer-- you must send my allowance immediately

Ahh, those were the days.

Let us at the very least adopt Slank-- sick of the entire matter

Cardinal Bandini catalogued the Medici library-- or rather, much of the Medici library-- back in the 18th century. Chatty man, and frighteningly thorough. Told you not only what was contained in various Greek manuscripts but what was written in the margins as well. I remember the family history someone had recorded on the last page of a Greek Bible, which the Cardinal reproduced in full.

1160, April 2 This day was born and died my son Nicholas
1161, August 17 This day was born and died my son Theodore
1162, Oct 25 This day was born my daughter Anna
1165, Sept 5 This day was born and died my twin sons Damian and Manuel
1166, Feb 4 This day died my father Nicholas Manuel, aged 60. May Christ the Redeemer have mercy on him and grant him swift passage to heaven (on and on for several more lines)
1168, July 11 This day was born and died my daughter Ekaterina
1169, Oct 30 This day died Alexius the Patriarch, a man of most renowned sanctity and ascetic life. A true shepherd to his flock, a true servant of the Emperor, honoured among the nations (on and on for several more lines)
1170, January 18 This day was born my son Peter
1173, March 7 This day was born and died my daughter Helena
1176, Nov 22 This day was born my grandson Constantine

At which point I went Wait, what, *grandson*? Yeah well, little Anna was now 14 and a happy mother made. (Is also possible that the Bible's owner had other kids before he bought the Bible and started writing in the back.)

Point being that there's nothing like reading the original sources to have your nose thoroughly rubbed in the reality of life back then. Another country-- they do things differently there.

ETA- oh, and while we're here, toft_froggy is being inspired as ever, and someone in her comments is breaking my heart. Poor mad Dr. Watson. Do not read if hormonal or if crying gives you migraines.
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