mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Pulling rank

Ah. Evil Crochet. Yes indeed. Non-craftsy me only just managed to crochet a remarkably unfunctional afghan (= does not keep me warm in winter on the living room sofa, but then nothing does except hanten.) But I've always known that serious craftspeople knit things, following those cuneiform knitting instructions as they do it; just as serious East Asian aficionados read Chinese and not that '2000 characters and two phonic-syllabery crutches' Japanese. I so fail at life.

Aspirin and codeine, we were so tight for so long. Ever since high school, and you know how long ago that was. I lose a gall bladder and suddenly you hate me. Why, baby, why? You're the best, the absolute best, and now you kick me in the gut and tell me to go out with Celebrex or Naproxen instead. But those uptown dames can't hold a candle to you. Can't we make it up, honey? I miss you so bad.
Tags: chinese, health, japanese, rl, wank

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