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Truly, what did I ever do to technology to make technology hate me so much? Had it with Open Offce and this pixellating monitor. 'I shall go write on my old computer!' which is in the front bedroom now. Having seen a little light burning inside it even when it was switched off, a few weeks back I unplugged the power bar that the computer and monitor are plugged into. I plug the bar back in and depress the on switch on the computer. Nothing happens. Odd. I press the monitor's on switch and the little light appears. I plug the computer into the lower socket on the wall. It won't turn on. I plug it into an entirely different outlet. It won't turn on. Is the cord plugged into the computer properly? Yes. It just won't turn on.

If it doesn't rain tomorrow I shall go look at second-hand non-widescreen, non-1440x900, non-16:10 flat monitors; and I shall insist on seeing what they actually look like when attached to a computer, because *this* stupid sucker sucks. (Really-- surely I shouldn't have to boost gamma to 100% to be able to see cat macros and post secrets? At which point all the ordinary text is bleached into unreadability.)
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