mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Toronto rain keeps pourin' down...

Is why I finished Archer's Goon within twenty-four hours. A Diane Wynne Jones I somehow never read. Mind, there are a bunch of infinitely-confusible-in-my-mind DWJ titles, so I probably thought I had and then it turned out I hadn't. (Have I read The Ogre Downstairs? I don't think I have. But again, unless I read her two or three times I never remember her plots either.)

From which you may see that I like DWJ but find her a tad head-hurty. Partly the twistiness, partly all the stuff left out one is expected to supply. Truly, her books read as if they're only sixty-six per cent there and random chunks of text are just missing. AG however is almost straightforward, and the twists were predictable in a confused way-- as in, it's DWJ so there must be twists so what's the most likely one ah hah.

But it makes for a change from the stuff I've been reading, and change was what I wanted. Should probably tackle The Fall of the Kings again. Only a straight diet of English reading always makes me feel two dimensional, but padding it with manga just makes me feel futile. Unless it's 100 Demons. So maybe I should go puzzle out those confusing stories in vol 15...
Tags: dwj, reading_09

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