mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Days of '97

Not the Cavafy poem. My own instant time travel. Down in the comments people stroll along the Memory Lane of the late 90s. YuYu Hakusho! Sailor Moon! FF7! Xenogears! Those storied names, those fragrant memories... though I never played any of the games. The ones I didn't hear about from deepfryerfire I knew from the photocopied doujinshi that Fearless Leader sent me for translation. Seeing the original pixellated chibis was a shock when I finally did, many years later. And now 2004 makes me feel nostalgic as well.

(Memory has cancelled what happened to those translations after the paper Aestheticism went online. No one, in fact, seems to remember what form the zine took before 2000. Did we ever have FF7 dj scans? )
Tags: aesthe, fandom, rl
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