mjj (flemmings) wrote,

No health within us

Should not go to Seeker's when I have no money. Or possibly, given my To Read bookcase, I should only go to Seeker's when I have no money. However I was tickled at finding two books by people I know from LJ sitting in the same P section. One was by Cherie Priest and the other wasn't. (Am on muscle relaxants for stubbornly spasming back so no, I don't remember who the other was. Who else do I know has a name starts with P?)

Mind you, I've somehow stopped reading 3K again. It's those 9 hour no-break days; I want a reward afterwards, and the downward spiral of Book 3 isn't it. "The bad end unhappily, the good unluckily," and I don't happen to agree with the author's definition of good and bad. Everyone Dies, in any case. Yawn.
Tags: 3k, reading_09

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