mjj (flemmings) wrote,

This could get to be a habit

And gives you the impression of writing even if-- well, you *are* writing, aren't you? Just not the right things.

Of course there's always the deja vu feeling of surely I read this elsewhere? Another of the drabble pitfalls: they're so short there's no guarantee you'll remember reading them until you commit unconscious plagiarism.

Drabble: Saiyuuki Gaiden

There are locked boxes you shouldn't try to open. They're locked for a reason. Pick it apart, open the lid, and inside you'll find a furry scorpion, sharp stinger raised, or a bony hand covered in tattered skin. Dangerous, disgusting, certain to lead to regret. Heaven-bred Tenpou knows this perfectly well, but-- curiosity, is it? or boredom-- he can't keep from working at those locks to see what's inside. Because you never know. One of the boxes might contain a treasure. And so--

'Marshal, I'm busy. What are you here for?
'Just to visit, Konzen Douji. Is there any tea?
Tags: fic, saiyuki_gaiden
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