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Teasing Cao Cao, entering his pants

From the ever-inspiring baka_neko-- The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, with the usual quotable comments thereon.

Very apropos because last night I zipped through the fun chapter that Roberts entitles "Zuo Ci throws a cup, teasing Cao Cao" which evokes images I'd rather not go into. But snarky daoists are a fair treat after all the rushing about of Sun and Cao armies that precedes and follows it, Beyond the Fringe-ly:
Get thee to Gloucester, Essex. Do thee to Wessex, Exeter.
Fair Albany to Somerset must eke his route.
And Scroop, do you to Westmoreland, where shall bold York
Enrouted now for Lancaster, with forces of our Uncle Rutland,
Enjoin his standard with sweet Norfolk's host.
Fair Sussex, get thee to Warwicksbourne,
And there, with frowning purpose, tell our plan
To Bedford's tilted ear, that he shall press
With most insensate speed
And join his warlike effort to bold Dorset's side.
I most royally shall now to bed,
To sleep off all the nonsense I've just said....
Everything goes better with Daoists in it, and 3K is no exception. (Parenthetically I'm grateful to that weird webcomic for providing me with an image of Cao Cao that doesn't make him a short fat man in too many clothes. A duck on his head, yes-- and yes, dammit, the famous headdress does look like a duck if you want it to-- but he doesn't waddle himself.)

Also it's far too early to be reading this stuff, because I got to the end of the first sentence of the wiki article--
The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove (Chinese: 竹林七賢; pinyin: Zhúlín Qī Xián) were a group of Chinese Taoist Qingtan scholars, writers, and musicians who came together in the bloody 3rd century CE
and thought 'Being a mite colloquial there, aren't you, mate?'
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