mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Revenons a nos ragamoutons

It's July, so we pick up the Three Kingdoms reading again. Our ragamuffin bully boys are being as unlovely as ever. Governor surrenders to Ma Chao, Ma Chao is furious-- 'You didn't surrender from sincerity but from necessity! Kill him and all his family!' Liu Bei: OMG Ma Chao is so kewl! I must have him on my side! I will blow sweetly in his ear and then he'll follow me everywhere! (Ma Chao learns nothing from having his own wife and infant sons and relatives chopped up before his eyes and dropped on his head from the city walls. Ma Chao does not learn, end story.)

Am currently in the middle of Liu Bei and smrterthanu being cheap and underhanded and oh so pleased with themselves about not returning the province they said they would. Go die in a fire despair, you smarmy little hoods. And I sooo look forward to the chapters where you do.

Paradoxically this all makes me feel better than I have for a month. So does returning to a fic. Yappari, I am a writer, even if an amateur writer, even if an unoriginal writer, even if a blocked writer; and I never feel properly at ease in my skin if I'm not writing.
Tags: 3k, writing

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