mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Ima Ichiko makes me feel dum

Second time through with a dictionary and third time through looking closely at the pictures, I finally get what's happening in the grandfather story in 100 Demons 16. Half of me thinks manga shouldn't *be* that difficult and the other half is rather charmed. Ima makes you work for your story but the work is very satisfying. Of course, I bet native speakers don't have to work like this. *They* always know who the absent subject refers to and what the absent verb is and the exact identity of that sketchily drawn person at the end. (deep sigh)

Now to find where the streetside palmist who lures Akira away somehow in the first story comes from, because it seems I'm supposed to know who he is and I can't remember him at all. While I'm at it I might try to figure out what it actually *is* that happens to Akira in that story, because first she's gone missing for a two days and suddenly there she is, no explanation at all. But I'm tired.

June's pathetic reading:

Hatsu Akiko, Kanji kanji kanji kanji kanji
-- not bad, nice Taishou stuff that went well with the grey rainy weather I read it in. Contains some of her oldest stuff from the early and mid-80s; I don't know if she redrew them or not, but the style seems more like her recent stuff than the later Rainy Willow volumes.

Le chateau du lac Tchou-an
-- Judge Dee fanfic, as stated

Victory of Eagles
Empire of Ivory
-- dear, dear Temeraire

The Dragon Waiting

Oh, let's not forget I finished Three Kingdoms 2.
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