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Grey Sunday morning reading

If I embroidered, I'd make framed samplers of certain of petronia's observations, like this one
anti-warnings people don't actually know why warnings rub them the wrong way, to the extent that they're willing to be assholes about it.
Adorned with sweet fat roses and pixel-square puppies and kittens. People are certainly being assholes today over at metafandom, is why I should be reading post secret instead.

(Warnings rub me the wrong way. They also make me not want to read any story they're attached to for the same reason kink fic challenges make me not want to read-- 'Yeah, that sounds like a surefire invitation to same old same old'.)

It's not confined to kink challenges, it's just that the last time I saw this was in a kink challenge, but-- a long-standing peeve of mine is the one where the strait-laced character with principles and ethics and a distinct code of conduct becomes a helpless and unthinking slave of passion because, er, well, usually because someone kisses him. Does Klaus have any objection to gay men and gay sex? No of course not. It's all a sham and pretence, as such objections must be; or if not hypocrisy, then an honestly mistaken impression ('Say, I like green eggs and ham!') that he will abandon joyfully when Dorian kisses him, and proceed at once to hot monkey sex.

My curmudgeonly belief that People Nowadays Have No Moral Standards is reinforced by seeing writers who have no clue how people with moral standards think and work. It's not like trying on a new shade of lipstick, truly. Just once I'd like to see a story where someone puts the moves on a puritanical character and that character does *not* at once lose his self-discipline and his rational faculties because his cock is talking too loud. What? Did it never talk to him before? I'm sure it did and I'm sure he's learned how to deal with it. So why is he so witless all of a sudden?

Even less do people here have any notion how a self-respecting character is going to approach an undignified activity. (Am hampered by lack of English vocabulary. Undignified = unsuited to one of your station in a society that dictates that your station imposes certain behaviours on you, which behaviours effectively are what make you, you. These behaviours may be relaxed in the society of bar hostesses or if drunk-- *maybe*-- but not in your own office in sight of your own underlings.) Yaoistically it's perfectly permissable for the tight-assed Major to become a randy lech, but once again that really only works with pictures. Write him that way and I'm going to wonder why Klaus has suddenly become an American gay man, without shame or constraint or the slightest hint of a superego.

And otherwise: to view certain stuff at deviantart I must have a deviantart account. Do I want one?

And otherwise: if I'm travelling in October, and it looks like I am, because paleaswater won't be free till then, do I want to go to yaoicon, since I've crossed the Deplorable Border already? I know the answer to that is no, because I hate flying and I hate cons and I don't necessarily hate hilly cities but lord do they hate me. But people will be there, only people will be busy, only there'll be many other people there and all of them will be screeching. Mh. To be considered further.
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