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Of dragon companions

Finished Victory of Eagles.

Temeraire felt like an idealized SigOth until I realized that if he were human I'd probably be out of patience with him. Sweet innocence and adolescent coltishness go better in a dragon, who has the literal weight to carry it. One still wishes one had a Temeraire about; or possibly a Jiip, who eats less, and less bloodily.

Also, dear decent principled ethical Laurence. This is such a refreshing way of being the Dense Boyfriend that I really cannot cavil at him being so dense, especially as he avoids being stuffy while doing it. So few (modern-written) 19th century heroes have 19th century values that it feels quite novel when one does. I am hoping, mind, that Laurence's morality will not act as the requisite classic slash mcguffin that keeps the two guys apart until, after eighty pages of angsting about the mcguffin, they overcome it and have hot monkey sex. Granted hot monkey sex is not on in this particular relationship, there's always the climactic moment when the guys vow Eternal Love, putting aside all others. I'm trusting that won't happen either, any more than Minekura is likely to show us Hakkai and Gojou making avowals of love. The deep visceral unspoken attachment is my particular kink, and these two authors give it to me.

I think there's still going to have to be some acknowledgment from Laurence of what's happening, some time, because Temeraire isn't the independent agent Hakkai and Gojou are. He needs Laurence, and Laurence is going to have to register that fact eventually in something more than the 'Yes, my dear' casual fashion he has at the moment. OTOH how properly 19C of him not to register the relationship as being, essentially, a relationship, one that's comparable to his human ones. And then there's the Mandatory Girlfriend thing. The twist being that the MG is a dragon, not a female, which makes sense.

(Me, I could have a thing for Jane Roland.)
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