mjj (flemmings) wrote,

So I was going to celebrate the end of AS and the end of the week by watching the end of Gankutsu-ou near the end of the current tape. But my VCR suddenly decided it hated stuff taped on shiny_monkey's VCRs. It has a way of doing this- turned three tapes from her last winter into agitated black lines, even though the sound stayed OK. This time the picture was still visible but the sound went Chipmunks. This is sad because the end of Gankutsuou is set to the full version of You and I Were Lovers, and having the Chipmunks sing it rather loses the effect.

I also pinched a nerve in my neck (sleeping) which led to rigid shoulder which led to miserable headache, and I'm in despair about not having a voice to write my stories in, or not having the right voice, and the world is a bit of a howling wilderness at the moment. But this almost makes me cheerful again.
Tags: gankutsuou, rl_05

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