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WARD arrived. Photocopies can be made for those who wish it. The story on Goujun is that he injured his back and his legs falling down that shaft and was bedridden and comatose for a period (that common Japanese phrase, wandering the border between life and death) until he eventually was able to get up and tell the whole story to the authorities (whoever they may be, but they exist for sure, riding herd on everyone including Kanzeon.) The bodies of Kenren and Tenpou were unrecoverable 'as if, even in death, they meant to elude the heavenly army' and that of Konzen seems to have been sucked out from between the doors of the gate by some dimensional warp caused by its presence there. And the doctor is telling Goujun at the start that the wounds to his organs must shortly...(foreboding silence.) (ETA Oh right, he's not, and it's not necessarily a doctor. /Because/ of his wounds he ought to get back inside. Love the Japanese disappearing verb.) 'The only thing I can do in the time that remains to me is to pass on some record of the path they travelled upon. And after I have discharged this duty-- oh, yes-- if I have my wish I hope I'll see, from closer to, those blossoms filled with life.'

And speaking of blossoms...

The lilac is down in the back garden. Which is fine-- I knew it had to come down to make way for the bush that's trying to grow at its base, which might in time give us, yanno, lilacs. No more squirrels jumping off it on to my flat roof and sticking their rodent faces in at the window. But I thought they might keep one small tree just for the look of it, and they didn't, so now I have an unimpeded view of two doors up's brand new monster concrete block garage. Good-bye lilac from 1989, good-bye green leaves.

I have too many books. Have been rearranging them all afternoon and finally fled the house to go hang out with three year olds. I have too many books and they'll never be read and this fills me with anxiety and foreboding. Am I allowed to make a bonfire with them in the back yard and free my soul from the chains of possession? No, I thought not.

The fridge is dying. It makes grating sounds as the fan tries to move and fails. Since the ice that was stopping the fan from moving was removed a week ago, clearly the fridge is dying. I must go an hour and change out to Scarberia tomorrow to order a new one at a reasonable price, which I may have in two weeks. Or I could pay double and have one from two subway stops away. We shall see.
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