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My sort-of impromptu sort-of holiday continues on a perfect June day through a delicious lunch of tilapia and lemon and rice, and dinner al fresco with my next door family. I'd thought I'd spend the time in my rocking chair reading myself silly-- the more so as I must wear my bunion splints several hours each day since I find it impossible to sleep in them. But instead I continue this year's erratic tendency and *clean.* Today's object of attack was the bunker floor, probably untouched for seven years, and the garden pathway, awash in the cherry pits of yesteryear.

In amongst all this I finished Empire of Ivory which really was good, and started Victory of Eagles which has me all a-wibble. If god loves me I have another ten days of this and then comes work and heat, pretty much together. 3 Kingdoms vol 3 isn't going to happen this month but that's OK. No-brainers is what I need in July.
Tags: 3k, food, reading_09, rl_09

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