mjj (flemmings) wrote,

An open letter to John M. Ford

Dear Mr Ford--

Would it really have pained you deeply to have told a story where, just for once, it's crystal clear who is doing what to whom and for what reasons? As it is, apart from all the War of the Roses politics (as incomprehensible and ragamuffin as Claudine says it is) I'm almost as confused by this mysterious 'she' as I am by French Judge Dee's incomprehensible 'elle.' In the latter case I can at least hazard that 'excellence' is a feminine noun, 'votre excellence' is the same, and so even if the excellence in question is a male person, when 'votre excellence' does something, it will be 'elle' who does it.

No such out exists with you. Your characters may be darkly hinting at Margaret of Anjou or possibly Elizabeth Woodville or maybe even Cecily Neville. Having read you before, I am not sanguine of finding out who it actually is. You are the Ima Ichiko of English, and in your case, sir, I fancy all the information is *not* there when one goes back to reread.

I do however congratulate you on writing a female character who feels like she was written by a woman. This is an official Neat Trick and one I'm not sure I've ever encountered before.


(I go to buy a scrolly mouse for the old compy. Guy at store has two computers running, one with a gigantic monitor, one with a flat screen. Remembering my brightness/ contrast woes I ask him 'Are LCDs actually darker than CRTs?' 'Yup,' he says. Good. Damn accepted wisdom: that's why I can't read the writing on post secret postcards and people's icons any more.)
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