mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The joys of literacy

There's a package in the mailbox when I get home. Ahh, the latest WARD, hotfoot from NY! Ohh, last of the dragon kings! Now to see what Goujun was actually saying--- Only I won't. Because it's not WARD, it's my manga from Japan, sent SAL. Go Jpn PO, and Canuck land surface whatevers too. Six days door to door. Boo US postal service: can't get a parcel to TO from NY in five days.

Of course the Ima Ichiko turns out to be another installment in her obscure Silk Roads AU series that I've never been able to make sense of. Can't have everything, alas. But it tickles me that even my Japanese reading is historical AU these days.

Once I start on it. Because I'm currently wrestling with The Gentle Art of Killing Dragons or whatever it translates to, which baffles me by making less sense than Ima Ichiko; and Shinjuku-zame after only fourteen years, to prove to myself that I can so too read Japanese; and more Judge Dee, to demonstrate conclusively that I can't read French at all. But I shall by the time I've finished; or at least, read it better.

Truly, I don't know what the trouble is with French. Maybe that I simply never read *enough* and so never passed beyond daily conversation vocabulary. (My grammar is pretty sorry too, but that I know how to cure. At least enough for talking, if not for writing.)
Tags: ima_ichiko, language, reading_09

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