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May reading, classical Japanese, and Dynasty Warriors

A Man Called Gingetsu (銀月と云ふ男)-- 秋月 こお
-- finishing what I started two years ago. Have now learned the personal names of the Meiji and Taishou emperors. The protagonist is modelled after the author's dog.

Also-- see, see, we do use cloud 云 to mean to say. That it's ifu and not iu is because the use of classical Japanese forms in literature lasted well into the twentieth century, and classical kana lasted until after WW2. I've seen the text of Kawabata's Izu Dancer, and he still uses the hiragana for wi and we that have dropped out since. (I'm sorry about we-- ゑ-- because to me it looks like a court lady trailing her robes.) How you render the archaicism in English is of course a problem. English *spelling* is almost exactly the same now as it was a hundred years ago, and standard English vocabulary isn't that much different. So something like 'yclept' or 'hight' is too archaic for 1912, even if Chaucer's contemporaries in Japan were still writing 云ふ. (Except I bet they weren't. They were probably using the keigo equivalents, always.) Denominated? Maybe we should argue instead about is it a man or is it the man, and should otoko be translated as 'man' in this case in the first place?

The Armor of Light/ Scott & Barnett

To Say Nothing of the dog/ Willis

Tabu no kanjigaku タブーの漢字学 / Atsuji Tetsuji
-- where I first learned about 避諱/ taboo hanzi, the varying terms for menstruation and dying; also where the Han dynasty located its privies, which I could have done without

The Feng Shui detective/ Nury Vittachi

Did not finish 3K vol 2. Another 100 pages to go, and Addiction Solitaire is far more interesting.

But I was poking through random gaming links from Purplecloud this aft, this time with the sound on. My new desktop has a useful keyboard that allows me to mute and unmute with a button-- no more finding and clicking, let alone turning on extenal speakers. (I hate noise, so my computer is usually muted always.) And just as I'm thinking Dynasty Warriors 6 has lovely music and neat graphics and surely joystick play can't be that hard to learn, from the middle of the CG action a disembodied American voice yells, 'It's Loo Boo!' OK, I know I can't say Lü Bu's name correctly either, but still. Also, Bubu Lubu is a candy from Mexico featuring a strawberry and marshmallow filling with a chocolate covering. I don't like the man, but he's not as bad as that. Nor is he Loo Boo.
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