mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I will make it through this book if it kills me vol 2

Does anyone know a 3K source that's hostile to Zhuge Liang? I mean, it's too much to hope it's been translated if there is. But it would make me very happy to know it exists, and that someone thought the sun did *not* shine out of the smug little git's bottom.

Now I see what paleaswater meant about most advisors standing aloof from the kings they advised and dying safe in their beds; not that anyone would want to be close to that utterly wet and a weed Liu Bei in the fist place. (And I wish I could recall where paleaswater said it.) The next chapter promises to show him weeping over Zhou Yu, but that notwithstanding, Zhuge Liang has ice water in his veins. 血もなければ、腸もない-- neither blood nor bowels. How brilliant of Minekura to have cast Tenpou in his role.
Tags: 3k, saiyuki_gaiden

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