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Bechdel Test

The theory is I have Monday off, bar Dolorous Phonecalls. It will be interesting to have a holiday Monday that no one else has. If it happens. Note the fine line between 'pessimist' and 'realist.'

Discussion of fave female BFFs. Since I spent my early teen years wishing I was at Kingscote school with the Marlows while being at an all-girls Catholic high school in reality, female BFF to me was synonymous with adolescence. Now it's synonymous with LJ FLs. Am still trying to think, through the chronic mental fuzz, what fictional BFF I know currently, and conclude there aren't any, aside from Ya Yu and Yuan Luo swapping books, or Sybil and her coterie of well-born semi-aristos caring for sick dragons. Possibly there's something wrong with my reading habits.

(Well yes. The series I read are written by men (Discworld, Aubrey/Maturin, 3K, even flipping Red Chambers), modelled on series written by men (Novik, Astreaint), or shounen manga (Minekura's oeuvre.) Focus on The Guys Doing, with women seen out the corner of the eye. And no, I don't think Monstrous Regiment really qualifies. I love Pratchett to distraction but, like Dick Francis, there are things he just doesn't get because he sees them as an outsider. With Pratchett it's female friendship-- arguably, friendship period. What friends are there in Discworld? With Francis it's gay men as pov characters. There are gay men in his books-- and I'm desperate to find the one that has the gay roommate in it-- but he said he had no experience of the mindset and didn't want to try writing a gay man's world.)

Meanwhile my Japanese novel, that's been wandering around to no purpose in late-Meiji literary name-dropping (high school student Akutagawa comes in to pick up his copies of Baudelaire, even though I'm reasonably sure that Akutagawa was a pen name), suddenly acquires action if not a plot, and my naive hero is now hog-tied in the middle of the night somewhere in the vicinity of what is now the Koishikawa Botanical Gardens. I read on with more energy.

Also-- I could say this about people who can't be arsed to rake their seedlings and must use a leaf blower, and I could say that about people who can't be arsed to rake their seedlings but must use a leaf blower, but since what I'd say mostly defaults to some version of 'Die in a fire', I won't say it. But like a good Torontonian, I shall be thinking it hard.
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