mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Hold the hard-boiled egg

Happy glorious 25th.

Is there actually a tune for 'all the little angels'?

So yesterday afternoon nekonexus and kintail came by, and in five minutes of synchronized furniture assemblage, uncrated the IKEA shelves, put in the plugs, attached the sides, put in the anchors and screws, attached the back, dusted their hands, picked up the shelving unit and placed it against the wall. Then Kiro put in the shelves (level-- this is the part where I always have to go and have another G&T and a little weep before readjusting the unlevel shelves.) Doubtless this is the ease born of long and probably aggravating practice, but damn, *I* was impressed. And still a little incredulous-- yup, there it is, after forty months, sitting in the front room, just like that. Thank you, guys.

Now all I need is someone to hold my hand and feed me gin and tonics while I try to figure out who it is owns my house. No, not like that. I think it's a matter of a discharge of mortgage not having reached the relevant institution five years ago, but the reluctance to deal with either institution at the moment is overwhelming. Alas, now I have no choice, because my shelves are assembled and I have no reason to procrastinate.
Tags: pratchett, rl_09

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