mjj (flemmings) wrote,

It lives

So I'm on my old machine, checking how Word looks there as compared to the (chronically unsatisfactory) new. I can't actually *use* my old machine for much beyond WPing because Win98 doesn't give you enough space to enter the password for our encryption. I check Dreams of a Thousand Autumns and it isn't displaying right as either a .doc or an .htm-- still dropping characters-- so I go into OE to look at the version I have there. OE proceeds to DL all my mail since February. Truly, it was creepy. 'Ack! Ack! It's moving! What's happening!?'

So I click on IE. And here I am. Whether this net access *lasts* or not is of course another question.

(My eye has been put out by the high resolution. Must have this at 800x600 now, which of course makes all the fonts pale and pixelly which of course is my problem with the new machine.)
Tags: techy

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