mjj (flemmings) wrote,


I has it. It starts with the first warm muggy stinky day in spring and doesn't go away till Thanksgiving (ours, not theirs.) It has started today. It'll be cooler on the weekend, but that's only a brief respite. June is coming, to be followed by July: hot muggy days in insufficient air conditioning, hot muggy nights that are both too warm and too clammy for sleep. And I grow old and stiff and nothing is as good as it was before, not that it was ever very good to start with, and nothing is ever going to be the way it could have been, and Zhuge Liang is not either a brilliant tactician, he's a hedge wizard who uses magic to make the wind to burn the ships that carried the men who marched in the army that Cao Cao led. Bah.
Tags: 3k, rl_09
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