mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The persistence of vision

I don't follow sports news but I swear, *every single time* I look at The Star's wp and come across a headline attached to this ongoing saga, I read it as 'Batman' and do a double take.

In other news, The Armor of Light is better on a reread, with Sidney regarded as just yer average fantasy hero and not, you know, The Perfect Philip Sidney of history. There's still a bit too much of him and he's still not my kind of hero but at least I'm not going 'Yer kidding-- Philip Sidney??' every few paragraphs. Its Marlowe and Shakespeare are also much more believable than Ink and Steel's. Though I wonder why everyone wants to make these guys into fundamentally nice guys. I bet they were miserable rotters and back-stabbing self-absorbed pricks. 'What people /are/ is so different from what people can /do/'-- which was the whole point of Amadeus, after all. I can count the fundamentally nice great writers I've heard of on the fingers of one hand. Chekov and RLS, basically.
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