mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I have bought a dining room table and a vibrator and The Borribles and have nothing else to do. Actually I have a lot to do, but I like Austen's throw-away construction.

Queen St W. on a sunny Sunday is a Dangerous Place. There is Bakka with its hardcovers. There is that place with the affordable Asian antiques that I refuse even to go into, because. There are yard sales, which is where the dining room table comes in. Now I need only get rid of my heavy rosewood round table somehow and substitute the new pine round table in its place. Which probably tips, whatever anyone says to the contrary, but at least can be sat at.

Insomniac last night, decided to do what I've always meant to do and start re-reading Karin. A little, a very very little, Chinese goes a very long way i manga, so the names aren't as weepy-making as they were. And I suppose 3K's seas of blood has inured me somewhat to the 'slaughter millions just because' Rui and Kai mindset. It still doesn't go down *that* well.

Icon because this weekend is the one year's mind of Kenren's departure. The General's not much for requies aeterna so I shan't wish him it, but he can have all the lux perpetua he wants. As soon as anyone gets their hands on the WARD that came out Friday we'll have the wrap up of Gokuu as well. I shall hope for a dragon or two in the mix.
Tags: 3k, karin_mangaka, manga, manga_09, rl_09, saiyuki_gaiden

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