mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Diem perdidi

I was very good after putting The Little Girls to bed last night.

The latter involved reading the five year old selections from her hair-raising bedtime book, the one about 'Jobs you wouldn't have wanted as a child in history.' Her parents are the sweetest gentlest people imaginable and I can only blink at them giving her a book about the hanging, drawing, and quartering of four Elizabethan apprentices who threw rocks at some civic dignitary, or the Victorian girl who wore a bald spot on her head from crawling through coal mine tunnels, or the sewing girls who went blind from stitching clothes for sixteen hours a day by candle light. Even though I *know* what the childish appetite for horrors is like...

But anyway, I reviewed my hanzi flash cards and read my chapter of 3K and started Armor of Light, determined to read only the Marlow chapters. And then bicycled home in the wet heavy wind that wuthered through the budding trees.

Today has been a total loss from the time I woke up at 10:30. I did however succeed in one thing. The bottom drawer of my Ikea chest of drawers has been stuck since I did the final asembly eighteen months ago. I unstuck it. When I get ambition again I shall transfer the entire contents of the front room c-o-d there, put it out on the front lawn, assemble the Ikea shelves bought three and a half years ago, and put that in its place.

Tomorrow. Today is the kind of day God made video games to get through.
Tags: chinese, points, rl_09

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