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Psychic, not physical. Though physically something's up. Am more tired than I should be after four days of sleep-till-I-want and no work yesterday.

Finished a book set in Singapore witten by a Sri Lankan. Read like a book set in Singapore written by an American who knows nothing about Singapore, complete with western viewpoint white character. That was disconcerting.

Then started reading Sara Crewe, which *yes* I read as a kid. Sara Crewe has given me the mental blurgs and now I can't shake them. Dunno why. She'd just lost her fortune and was about to be saintly in a garret when I dropped her because I couldn't bear it any longer, but it's not the sentimentality that's doing it. I just have undefinable kimoi in connection with Sara Crewe.

Then picked up a half-finished Japanese novel set in Meiji. Is as pedestrain as I remember it being, and full of drunken Japanese literati who have nothing to say when drunk except 'Drink some more.' ('When my Korean friends get drunk they talk about religion or politics. When my Japanese friends get drunk they try to put chopsticks up their noses.') Am reminded of that great cultural chasm between me and the Japanese: in Japan, good guys get raucously drunk. Where I come from, frat boys and other lower invertebrates get raucously drunk.

Noodled away at Three Kingdoms. That was refreshing for a while and then oh dear god here's Zhuge Liang pwning all the sages at Sun Quan's court with what even *I* can tell are really feeble comebacks to their arguments, though natch the sages are being all speechless and abashed because Luo Guanzhong lurves his Marty Stu so very very much. Even though the historical Marty Stu kills the messenger as well. What a very unlikable young man that unlikable young man is.

Then in an evil hour took an unread book from the shelf to have it read. Will someone tell me what the point of To Say Nothing of the Dog is, and does it ever arrive at it?

And full moon isn't even until tomorrow. Oh woe.

OTOH my refund arrived a week after filing deadline. (Remember that last year it was delayed until the end of September.) I am rich. Oh joy oh rapture oh joy oh rapture now I can buy a glider rocking chair oh wait.... And if it wasn't going to rain all tomorrow I'd probably be out buying other stuff. But as it is I'll stay in and read... something, I guess.
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