mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Blast from the past

Dear God. Arthur of the Britons. I loved that one so much when I saw it (late 70's) though I was assured (and believed, naturally) that it was utter crap. Now I feel vindicated. It was perfect fan fodder, and the only problem was I didn't learn about fandom for another fifteen years.

April Reading
(work and Chinese classics do cut into a woman's time)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms vol 1

John M Ford- Casting Fortune

Charles Saunders- Imaro 2, the search for Cush
--liked it better than 1, which I couldn't get into, because it introduces a character that thinks. Like Privilege of the Sword, it's fun reading while you read; and since so many books aren't even that, we shall call it virtue.

Hanif Kureishi, The Buddha of Suburbia
-- London in the 70s, long ago and far away; though I think the narrator, like all Kureishi's heroes, is a) an avatar of Kureishi himself and b) a bit of a git.

Kushner and Sherman, The Privilege of the Sword
--grows on one indeed. Goes down easily, creates a convincing mental Elsewhere while reading, leaves no aftertaste. That last isn't exactly a virtue, but you can't have everything.
Tags: fandom, history, reading_09, rl

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