mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Can *you* spell Rorschach?

(Can you? It's as bad as Nietzsche AFAIC.)

OK, so we all know about furniture porn, yes? Especially the lawn chairs. The lawn chairs fill me with gladness.

I'm working my way through The Study of Taboo Kanji where the author tells me that once upon a time there was a hanzi for penis that looked like 了 turned upside down, which yeah, I can see it, and that 'bird man' is a Chinese way of saying utter dolt and that mutatis mutandis 'yer Mom' is the classic Chinese curse, and other such useful information. And in an aside he says that the hanzi for colour 色 first meant 'sex, copulation' (and not the other way around as we all believed.) He says originally it was a pictograph of a man entering a woman from behind while she was on hands and knees. 'Which you can see at once by looking at the original form' and presents us with a squiggle of string that looks to me like nothing so much as the kanji for deer 鹿. (Though maybe the hanzi for deer is also a picture of a man entering a deer from behind. In the world of hanzi derivation, I begin to think, anything is possible. Or scholars in the field smoke a lot of crack.) I do not see any man or woman or hot action there no matter how I try, which is why I think hanzi scholars depend on ahhh 'substances' to enhance their understanding of hairline cracks in ancient bits of animal bone.

Whatever, this made me think of said squiggle, so I am happy. My feelthy eye is not entirely out.
Tags: chinese, humour, language, reading_09

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