mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Woxin drabble from xsmoonshine

Because limelight-shunning qwerty never makes new posts to showcase the awesome drabbles and ficlets and artwork she does on request, one must make posts for her.

So here she was asking for icons to fic about, and I responded with the one up there, and she responded with:

She is fair and tender as a spring flower; delicate, sweet and innocent; true as a sword, perfect as a poem. There is nothing about her that is like her lord who has gifted Fu Chai with her: no doubts, no deceit, no mysteries. Even his advisors' reasons for objecting to his decision to keep her at his side are different. Nothing about her should remind Fu Chai of her lord. Except that she does. All her dissimilarities remind by simple contrast: every unlike word, every unlike move brings her lord to his mind. And so, Fu Chai keeps her.

Now why didn't anyone think of that interpretation before? Thank you qwerty!

(Suggest all y'all go check out the other toothsome goodies there as well.)
Tags: fic, woxin

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