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Twelve Kingdoms

(mostly for mvrdrk)

Yes the vocab stuff is a little bats-driving until you see the kanji, or get to Rakushun's lecture explaining things, whichever comes first. Taika is womb (I see it's unborn child in chinese) 胎 + fruit 果. Kaikyaku is sea guest. Rakushun is a half-beast hanjuu 半獸

What drives me a little battier is that the kings and kirin are given names that sound like the name of their kingdom but use different kanji. Youko's future kingdom is 'prosperous' Kei 慶 but she's called the vista king: Kei'ou 景 王. The neighbouring (and truly prosperous) country of En is Wild Goose 雁 but the good-looking king thereof is called King of Delay En'ou 延王 teehee.

You don't call Keiki, whose name means Kirin of Prosperous, by that name. Politely he's Kei Taiho 景台輔: Vista Throne's Assistant, I think is what that comes to in Japanese. Male kirins' names end with the ki 麒 of kirin (which I find is the male of the species- learn something every day) and females' with rin 麟, which is the female. Thus, Keiki, but his hapless counterpart in Kou, Kourin.

(So what about those cross-dressers over in Han-was-it? I suppose... if they're always formally called Han'ou and Han Taiho, there's no telling.)
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