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'But since, so jump upon this bloody question'

In my inbox this morning is an invitation to dreamwidth. My name came up in a random draw of open ID users and synecdochic is offering me a membership.

I get mail like this all the time. Usually it's telling me how I won a million dollars in a state lottery I never entered (since I live in a province), click this link to collect.

Well, odd things do happen in RL. Maybe I did win a random lottery. But in the same inbox is mike's reply to a comment I left on her journal which I shall quote-not-link for various reasons:

I'm also perplexed at how people protest some of the staff (at DW) yet choose to ignore that the lead programmer/co-owner is a right-wing conservative kook that they'd no doubt flee from in any other circumstance.

The money quote from that link, to save you reading yourself, is "I will probably never agree that our society needs social programs like Universal Healthcare."

That one always feels to me like something is seriously compromised at the level of the speaker's spiritual DNA. I could do my song and dance routine about how America has forgotten the basic notion of the 'common weal' ie the good of all on which a commonwealth depends, except that it's also forgotten commonwealths themselves in pursuit of very individual wealths at the expense of a horde of underpaid slaveys. Except that rant too is about 120 years old and should have been put to bed long since.

Anyway. Wasn't I just talking about judging people by who they hang around with and how I do? Yeah, I know, using a service is not being palsy-walsy with its providers but still, eww. And I *do* have a reflex kimoi feel from names that are associated with DW, as admins or members, like rahaeli-synecdochic and shoshana and the quondem zvi_likes_tv who offers me a DW FAQ in that email. (Shall always read DW as Dr Who, which is another problem.) Zvi is the one who's mortally offended by people who indent paragraphs in their fics instead of putting a space between each paragraph. That makes the fic unreadable and she *won't* read it unless the indentation and single spacing has been done through CSS so she can undo them. She roundly curses those who use tabs to indent or raw code, or basically anything that's not a CSS, for the damage they do to her sensilbilities. That yer average jane writing in Word and saving as html may not even know what a CSS is, let alone how to implement one on her lj, never occurs to her. *She* knows how to use CSS so everyone does too, QED. (One suspects zvi likes TV because books are not an option. Unreadable, you know-- indented paragraphs and single spaces that she can't do anything about. Publishers never consider her poor poor nerves.)

So yeah. That Crew Over There does not sound like people I much want to know. As with the great Abandon LJ Movement last year, was it, I am happy that various popular bloggers who give me hives are going to take off and leave my FFLs in peace. Mike's right that lj needs competition, so good, DW can provide it, but unless lj goes seriously apeshit I'll stay here. Devil you know and all that, versus the beta-version and buggy devil you don't.

However, if anyone does want a DW account, I'm at liberty to send the email invite on. Takers?
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